The 11th Annual McCarthy Symposium at Uber

Trademark Law and its Challenges

March 27, 2020
Pre-Event Dinner at SF City Club, March 26, 2020


The world's premier trademark, branding and consumer behavior conference comes to UBER's HQ in San Francisco, CA on March 27, 2020 for a full-day of networking and educational panels on cutting-edge IP topics.



Competing in an AI Economy

Marco Iansiti — Professor, Harvard Business School; Founder, Keystone Strategy

Panel 1

Regulating Advertising on the Platforms —
Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Alibaba, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube

Panel 2

Trademark Law's Built-in Tensions with Marketing Strategy
Around Descriptive Marks

Keynote 2

The Changing and Challenging Landscape of
In-house Trademark Lawyers

Panel 3

Update on International Trademark Law
Other Than Platform Liability

Panel 4

Roundup on ICANN

Panel 5

Proving Trademark Damages

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